A Message from Ed Tolman, President of the Friends of the Flemington Free Public Library:


I just wanted to review some of  the accomplishments of the Friends of the Flemington Free Public Library that were reviewed at our recent annual meeting and remind you that your continued membership (we ask a minimum annual donation of $5) helps the group achieve and sustain these accomplishments.  For example, your generosity helped obtain a clock, a modern easel and seat cushions used by our  youngsters attending reading groups and movies, making their stay at the library more enjoyable and productive for them, Entertaining movies  have been presented to both youth and adults throughout the year and have been well attended and can continue as a result of your giving.

The Friends group was behind the appearance of Dewey The Frog around town, a source of great joy for those who “looked for him”. It was youngsters who inspired the fun.  You can look for him again when the weather turns warmer.

The morning and evening book clubs continue to flourish,  They are always welcoming of new members.

The “little libraries” situated around town provide a source of learning, entertainment and pleasure for those who freely and are welcomed to partake.

We continue to make books available to residents of the Herman Kapp Senior Center, through biweekly deliveries to their doorstep.

The  mission of the Friends of the Flemington Library group is to support its outreach to all adults and young people in our community and we do that, in part, by encouraging groups to utilize the services and facilities of the library. Our library director has seen and is pleased by  an impressive increase in that utilization.

During this past year, we were treated to an extraordinarily impressive,  entertaining and informative  concert of classical piano music by Flemington’s own Dorothy Fine. She volunteered her great talent to help the Friends group achieve its mission. Many attendees have requested that a second concert be presented. Perhaps, you can help us persuade Dorothy to put on another wonderful performance.

As always, we hope that you will choose to participate in the work of the Friends of the Flemington Free Public Library, by actively joining with us or, at least, by continuing your membership. Your support is always welcome. Any donation (we ask a minimum of $5 per person) is welcome and can be delivered to or sent yo the Library at 118 Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822 (checks payable to Friends of the Flemington Free Public Library).

Looking forward to hearing from you and  seeing you.

Ed Tolman

President of The Friends of the Flemington Free Public Library