Come Fly with Mediatech!

On Saturday, August 12, a pair of young pilots will attempt to repeat Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight at the Mediatech Foundation, on 118 Main Street (2nd Floor) in Flemington, NJ.

They will fly a historically correct digital replication of the Spirit of St. Louis, using a flight simulator in current real time weather conditions, from Long Island New York to Paris France. The computer will be equipped with a force-feed joystick and a GPS.

Similar attempts have been made; only one successfully despite tipping a wing on landing (the plane survived). Most times, the Spirit of St. Louis crashes into the icy ocean due to weather, fatigue or fuel issues. We invite you to come witness the events, bring the pilots a cookie, and try flying the plane yourself!


Takeoff, Saturday Aug 12 7:52 AM the pilots will gun their virtual engine and try to take off with 451 gallons of virtual fuel, exactly when Lindbergh did. They’ll fly through the day and night trying to dodge real storms to stay alive. Former pilots will be on hand to provide advice.

Landing, Sunday Aug 13 in the afternoon. Depending on the weather, the flight should last between 30 to 34 hours, with a landing at Le Bourget Field in Paris France at about 2 PM EST.

The public is welcome to witness the landing.

WANT TO FLY? Pilot teams are being made. Recommended age is 12-up; parents are required to stay with children at all times; pilots will be locked in during evening hours.

Contact if you’re interested in volunteering.


The pilots will be tweeting progress at @mediatechflight.

Visit for more information.

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